Exchange Program

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Cultural Exchange Program (CEP) by Denpasar Institute is a worldwide network delivering opportunities for global learning. CEP has helped students and their host families experience a cultural exchange.

CEP experience has a life-changing impact on every participant and student who undertake it.

In many cases, CEP participants and/or students receive credit for their overseas studies. A foreign exchange student may be the first time they experience another culture first-hand. This is their opportunity to learn and understand the real meaning of global acceptance.

Our cultural exchange programme abroad and/or here in Bali provide the perfect opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions.

Participants will experience a completely different way of life first-hand, as you live and work in the heart of some of the most fascinating cultures in Bali and Indonesia. With our diverse selection of cultural immersion projects, there’s sure to be a project for the participant.

Participants of CEP also become part of the global network of volunteers. Participants will build international connections, learn about volunteers from around the world, and make lifelong friends.

Join our cultural exchange program to broaden your perspective of the world and gain a richer knowledge of people and places you might never have heard of before your trip.

Cultural Exchange Program by Language, Art and Culture Center of Denpasar Institute is a chance for a completely unique experience.

Let’s get to know different languages, arts and cultures in a way you wouldn’t as a tourist in Bali and Indonesia.

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